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FotoMix: Separately Edit Two Images & Merge Them Into A Single One

Nowadays, hundreds of image manipulation software are available on the internet. Many of the good applications are paid, such as Adobe Photoshop. which provide you with countless options to edit images. However, even if you have no problem in paying the cost for a good software, or you opt for a free alternative such as ArtWeaver Free, learning to use it properly and to its full potential takes up a lot of time. In this age, when people have almost no extra time at their hands, learning a software as big as as Photoshop just to perform some basic image editing is not very efficient. What you can do to save your time is that, instead of going for a professional image editor, opt for a tool that is tailored to your needs. Today, we have an application called FotoMix that allows you to manipulate images using options such as crop, resize, rotate, enhance etc. The interface supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Russian & more. You can merge two pictures together as foreground and background, apply different effects to images, perform saturation, light and color correction and do a lot more, using simple one-click buttons. You may also manipulate the complete image, or just parts of it with a resizable brush.

During installation, make sure that you uncheck the Funmoods Toolbar in order to avoid getting unwanted software on your system.

Setup - FotoMix

The application has a very user-friendly interface. At the top, there are tabs to access the five main components that deal with different editing functions – Background, Foreground ,Composition, Touch Up and Finish – while the left side lists all the options included within each component.The Background tab allows you to use a Transparent Background, Photo Background or Artificial Background. If you choose the Photo Background option, click Open to select the image you wish to use.

FotoMix.png Background

Once added, you can Tune the image, Deform it, or apply different Effects, such as Sharp, Blur, Old Painting, Emboss, Old Paper, Rock, Metallic etc. The Apply to Brush option lets you apply the effect onto selected parts of the image with a resizable brush. Click OK to confirm the changes.

FotoMix.png Effects

Once you are satisfied with the background, you can switch to the Foreground tab from the top, select an image, perform editing on it, and apply effects using the tools available to the left.

FotoMix.png Foreground

The Composition tab lets you merge the Background and Foreground images together. You can add text to the image, set text shadow, apply fade effect to the Foreground image, specify face style and transparency etc to make both the images blend together.

FotoMix.png Composition

The fourth tab at the top, Touch Up, lets you add finishing touches to the image you just created. You can use Color Brush, Tint Brush, Clone Brush. Blend Brush, and Smooth Brush, all with customizable Brush Strength and Brush Size and Shape, to further enhance the images.

FotoMix.png Touch Up

Once all the editing is finished, head over to the Finish tab and Save your project. You can add a frame to the image as well as apply shadow. FotoMix allows you to directly Save, Print or Copy the image, depending on your preference.

FotoMix.png Finish

The Language button at the top right corner lets you change the language of the main interface, and image zoom level can be increased or decreased from the Zoom bar available at the bottom. Even though FotoMix works flawlessly, its interface can use a facelift in our opinion. Giving it a more professional look will definitely make the software more appealing to new users. The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download FotoMix

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