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Foxtract – Free Outlook Express Email Extractor & Recovery Tool

Foxtract is an opensource command line tool that can recover all emails from Microsoft Outlook Express instantly. Unlike other recovery tools that read the tree structure, it takes a different approach when extracting the emails from the Outlook Express data files.

According to the developer:

It will scan the whole data file to find all message segments, which it will use to determine the head segment of a message. A single mail can be composed of several segments – every segment takes up to 512 bytes, so for instance a 3 Mb message will be composed of 6144 segments. Once the head segment is found, there is a good chance that the message can be retrieved.

Once downloaded, place it somewhere safe and run it from the Windows Command Prompt. Now type the full path and the file name of the Outlook Express Message Store File(in .dbx format).

Foxtract command line tool

Please note that this tool can recover emails from Outlook Express data files (.dbx format), but cannot recover the emails from Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010 since they use .pst file. The names are similar and sometimes confusing for the users, but the fact is that both email clients don’t use the same data format.

Download Foxtract

It works on all versions of Windows including the latest Windows 7. Enjoy!

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  1. Beside, Foxtract (non-paid utility) I have also found some third party software (Paid utility) which claims to successfully repair corrupt .dbx file. Could you please also specify some comparative information to those software’s which might help us to evaluate their effectiveness & usage in some critical corruption. situation.

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