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Free Clipboard Viewer Separates Clipboard Item Into Different Formats

Free Clipboard Viewer 2.0

Windows Clipboard Viewer is a simple utility which is developed to let user view single clipboard item in multiple formats. The application is backed by the idea of taking a good look at item residing in Windows clipboard, so you can further copy or move selected part of the clipboard content. It will list all standard formats which are supported by Windows system, ranging from plain text, image (including bitmap), rich text, metafile, color palette, WAV, HTML and many other formats. It is further possible to manage each type of format separately. Since it places each type of format into respective category, you just have to sift through the listed formats to use the clipboard item.

After installation, it will automatically populate the list with current clipboard item with all the supported formats. As exhibited in leading screenshot, you can check out original preview of clipboard item, rich text format (with text and images), view it in HTML or access plain text without applied formatting. It also supports all other formats including Unicode text, embedded source and ObjectDescriptor, etc., letting user access everything which is being contained in clipboard item. It is to be noted here that listed formats are subjected to clipboard format, you will likely get to see different formats when only an image, text, file icon, or a media file is moved to Windows clipboard.

The application supports Windows XP/Vista/7. Testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download Windows Clipboard Viewer

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