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Double Commander File Manager Offers Advance Controls And Features

Double Commander is an opensource file manager which includes a list of useful features and tools to manage files and folders efficiently. It is inspired by an eminent file manager Total Commander and is absolutely free. The best part is that it offers user-friendly two paneled interface with all the handy tools & options to quickly perform the required task over specified files/folders.

Adding more, all the basic file/folder operations can be performed from the lower part of the window. It offers simple tasks with respective hotkeys to bring convenience in performing actions over files and folders. Over each pane, you have got same tools and navigation controls for using them simultaneously on different locations. All the drives are also listed here to make the navigation easier. It supports simple drag & drop behavior which helps greatly in moving the files/folders from one place to another. All you’d need to do is to open the two folders at each side and drag the items which you need to move. It preserves right-click context menu with folders and files, you can access all the options right from the application.


You can always insert a new tab in each pane for performing operations in more than 2 locations. Double clicking the the area adjacent to the existing tab will create a new tab. Apparently there’re not any limit on creating tabs, but it should be noted that adding too many tabs may bogs down the overall processing. From the upper part of the window, you have an option to select/unselect a group, zip files and folders and run terminal (CMD) of the current location.


From Commands menu, you can use extensive search feature which offers a long list of search filters and options to narrow down the results. It also include an advanced search feature which let you search by date/time stamp, file attributes, and by size scale. Here, you can also swap panels and view occupied space of current folder.


Show menu provides you multiple sorting techniques, you can sort file/folder by name, extension, size and date. For tweaking with tabs settings, under its respective menu you can set up the options as desired. It offers high customizability, for configuring the overall look and other application’s settings, from Configuration menu, click Options. At left sidebar, you can change settings and configure options of almost every aspect of it.


In our experience, the application worked smoothly and showed no aberrant behavior at any stage of testing. Considering the array of options & features it offers for managing system’s content, it is one worth trying file manager. The application run on all Windows based OS (both 32-bit and 64-bit system are supported), testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Double Commander

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