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PowerArchiver 2010 Is Free Compression And Archiving Utility

PowerArchiver is one of the best compression utility out there developed by ConeXware. They’ve recently changed tracks and are offering their eminent product free for personal use, which is a stripped-down version of standard PowerArchiver yet provides many feature and options to make the most of it. For those who don’t know, it supports a huge list of features and formats ranging from famous Zip, ZIPX to CAB, open source 7-Zip, to ISO, BIN , including Nero’s NRG.

The free version also let users use plug-ins for adding more file format support such as; MSI, CHM, etc. It integrates with Windows shell extension to let user quickly create a compressed archive of files or to extract files from aforementioned archiving format.

shell extension support2

The extensive feature-rich tabbed interface will let you easily perform batch archiving/compression operations and allows you to extract data from multiple archives residing in multiple locations. While supporting drag & drop behavior for populating list, it also lets you manage files to be archived provided with multiple compression levels.


It includes multiple staunch encryption levels (up to AES-256) letting you create encrypted archives on-the-fly.


Batch Archive Creation feature will help you in creating files’ archive from multiple locations. You can also add as many folder as you want and select archive format from the given long list. It allows you to select required compression level which ranges up to Ultra compression along with creating archive groups to keep archives’ structure same as added folders/files structure.


The only apparent difference between the standard paid version is that the free version doesn’t supports files to be burned on the optical drives. Except that, you can pretty much make use of almost all basic paid version features and if needed, can burn archives using other freeware burners available out there.

It supports al Windows based OS, we have tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download PowerArchiver (Softpedia link since free version is not listed on the official product page)

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