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Free File Wiper: Permanently Delete Files From Desktop Or Context Menu

Most of you probably know that the Recycle Bin on your Windows desktop does not transport your files to a warp hole of no return; what it does is, to let your files sit there until you manually clear out the Recycle Bin to remove them, and as long as you don’t, anyone can restore. Very few people take the time to hit Shift + Delete when deleting a file or visit the Recycle Bin to delete file from it. Then again, even after ‘permanent deletion’, files can be recovered using various data recovery software. Free File Wiper is the warp hole Recycle Bin that Windows does not give you. It is a simple utility that runs in your system tray and adds a trash bin to your desktop. Dragging & dropping files on to this bin deletes them permanently, with no recovery possibility whatsoever. The utility also allows you to permanently delete files from the right-click context menu.

Being a portable application, there is no installation procedure. Run the .EXE file and a trash can icon will appear on your desktop, that can be positioned anywhere as per your liking. The icon remains on top no matter what window or program you open, so you can always drag & drop files to it and delete them permanently. Simply select a single file or multiple files and drop them on the icon. You will be asked to confirm deletion.

Free File Wiper delete warning

When files are being deleted, the icon turns red and delete progress is displayed in the system tray.

Free File Wiper deleting

Files are deleted super fast and the operation cannot be cancelled, so you may want to take care with what you feed File Wiper. Once done, a popup in the system tray confirms that all files have been deleted.

Free File Wiper file deleted

The utility also allows you to delete a file from the right-click context menu. Right-click any file and click Free File Wiper in the Send To submenu.

Free File Wiper context menu

By default, the utility deletes files by overwriting the data once only. However, you can choose a more secure deletion pattern by having the data overwritten twice, thrice or even seven times. These configurations can be made by right-clicking the icon in the system tray and choosing an erase pattern. More overwrites with random data ensure lesser chances of recovery, making your delete operation more permanent. Other options include setting up the utility to start with Windows, set transparency and search for updates, among others.

Free File Wiper

Free File Wiper is an easy and secure alternative to delete files permanently, but it won’t replace Windows’ native Recycle Bin. For every file that you’ve wanted to delete permanently, there might have been ten that you recovered from Recycle Bin. Keep this program around for permanently deleting files only when you know beyond any doubt that you won’t need them again.

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