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Free Image Blender Software

Most digital cameras come built-in with panoramic feature which you can use to combine two or more images into a larger image. Some people use it for professional reasons, others just for fun! You can now manually blend images into one with this free & easy to use application.Image Inc. is an image composting tool for blending multiple images rapidly. You just have to select a set of images you want to blend, give some instruction and it will do the rest!

After you start the program, click on New Image tab and you’ll be asked to choose image width & height. Now, on the layer palette, click on Load to pick up the image you want to use as base, pick up another one to use as the overlay and another as a mask to add transparency. While you’re on it, the program will show you a preview on the main task pane. You can change the images at any point before saving it. Merged image can be saved in a variety of formats.

Image Inc. comes with many useful features to seamlessly blend different images into one. You can add distressed textures to your image; apply edge effects using image masks which could be another image, or plain color. There is also a choice of few gradient masks provided with the program to help you get started. You can invert colors, flatten and transfer to base option if you have to, copy image to the clipboard, and zoom presets in main window. This tool  is particularly useful for 3D users to build texture maps without the need of a separate editor.

It works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7.

Download Image Inc.


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