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Free Password Manager: Store & Encrypt Valuable Data Or Credentials

Remembering each and every password for your credentials is not plausible unless you have a striking memory, or you use a single password combination where ever you need.  We have covered an umpteen number of password storage utilities and today we have a similar application for you, named as Free Password Manager. It is a utility that provides you with a database where you can encrypt and store valuable information, such as credit card numbers, email passwords, notes, access codes and other significant data. The application facilitates you to create as many databases you want, each with its own separate password, which provides an extra layer of protection. It uses AES algorithm to encrypt data with a 256-bit key, making it highly difficult to crack. The program can be installed on a USB flash drive for using it on-the-go. Some of the key features include built-in password generator, logging of data changes, customizable database and folder fields, backup and restore of of passwords databases, information sorting, exporting and importing data to/from CSV and TXT files etc.

The application has a simplified and easy to use interface design. As I mentioned earlier, you can create multiple databases, and password protect each of them separately. The database properties menu contains three different tabs (General, Parameters, Backup). The General tab comprises Database name, Password and Description. Additionally, you can also set the database location of the file. Parameters and Backup contain misc. settings that the users can customize according to their preferences.

Addictive Tips properties

Every database you create appears on the main window. Here, you can make folders and save any type of information within the created folders or the main database. All the databases and folders can be browsed from the left side of the application window. To store any new information, click Edit => New Record to open record properties window. In this window, you may select icons for the record, as well as input its related information such as Title, User name, Account, URL, Password etc. Likewise, you can also configure some advance options such as created and modified data, description, expiry etc. When you’re done editing, click OK to save the new record.

Free Password Manager

Clicking Tools => Options launches the application’s configuration console, where you can customize application specific variables under General, Appearance, Security, Locations and Backup settings.


Free Password Manager works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and supports 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions.

Download Free Password Manager

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