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Download Multimedia Content With SkyDownloader

If you’re into downloading music, movies, software, games, etc from the internet, you must be familiar with a host of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing services, Gnutella networks, Bit Torrent technology, and more. While these technologies offer wonderful sharing possibilities, one has to resort to various client software to take full advantage of all of these. A one-stop solution would not only save time and hassle, but also make sharing more fun, wouldn’t it? SkyDownloader is one such application which combines the might of Gnutella and Bit Torrent, answering an entertainment-seeker’s complete needs, with millions of songs, MP3s, movies, TV shows, live channels, and games.

Note: SkyDownloader has been discontinued. However, you can check out previously featured Torrent search engines including Torrent Magnifier and Media Get.

The program’s main interface offers eight tabs; Search, Popular, Torrents, My Files, Watch TV, Radio, Games and Chat. One thing that is immediately noticeable is that the layout is heavily inspired from the famous Limewire P2P client.

Search tab allows you to search for what you’re looking for, and allows specification of the media type as well. You may search between audio, video, images, documents and programs, or all of them. Lookup of files recently added to the network is also possible through the What’s New tab. The right side of the window automatically lists the top picks in movies, music and software from the community, in the form of a eye-pleasing carousel.

SkyDownloader Search

The Popular tab lists the most popular downloads in three categories: music, video and pictures. You are presented with genre selection on the left for all the three categories, while the right-hand pane lists all items present in the selected genre. Sorting for all three categories is possible by either Most Popular, Vote and Quality. Voting period can also be changed between Last Week, Last Month and Last 6 Months.

SkyDownloader Popular

The Torrents tab, by default, lists the top 200 torrents based on votes from the torrent sources that it scours. You can search for torrents manually or see the top torrents in any of the several predefined categories on the left pane. SkyDownloader covers almost all major Bit Torrent websites. You may view the list by selecting Top Torrent Sites below the left-hand pane.

SkyDownloader Torrents

The My Files tab contains your downloads. It primarily monitors your shared folder and will track anything that is placed in that location. You can view shared files, analyze downloaded files based on category, view incomplete downloads and search through your files. You can also play audio files right from within SkyDownloader, and create and manage playlists as well.

SkyDownloader MyFiles

The Watch TV and Radio tabs list several popular internet TV and radio channels, where you can stream content directly to your system. There is a search feature available for both as well as the ability to add current content to favorites for later viewing. The Games tab also works almost similarly, as it offers online playable games, mostly from Miniclip.

SkyDownloader Radio

SkyDownloader Games

Finally, the Chat tab allows chatting with other members of the community.

SkyDownloader Chat

Finally, you can check the Options pane for a lot of fine control over SkyDownloader via the Tools menu.

SkyDownloader OptionsSkyDownloader is a safe and secure program, where you can judge a file by its user rating before downloading. It provides a unified hub for all your entertainment needs. It also features a unique Direct-Connect option, through which if you know a friend’s IP address, you can browse their files directly, available in the Search tab. SkyDownloader is also iTunes compatible. All you need to do is tell iTunes where your downloaded files are. iTunes will track them, and you can add these files directly to your library for uploading to your iPhone or iPod.

SkyDownloader iTunes

The software is also available as a paid version called SkyDownloader PRO which adds some additional functionality to this already-wonderful application.

SkyDownloader works with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


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