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Free PDF Document Storage For Small Or Home Office

PDFKeeper is an opensource software that allows safe PDF document storage, indexing, and retrieval. It requires the free Oracle Database Express Edition, also called Oracle Database XE, and is only useful if you want to deploy a storage system in small or home office.

Before you install this software, you will need to install Oracle Database 10g Express Edition ( Server (Universal) on the system that will host the database, install Oractle Database 10g Express Client ( on any systems that will connect to the database remotely, and install Open Object Rexx 4.0.0 on any system that will have the client-side components (Search and Summary Editor) installed.

It provides a dead-simple interface to index and search the pdf documents. I was not able to deploy it since it requires a server and multiple computers. The screenshots below have been taken from developer’s page.

PDFKeeper SearchPDFKeeper Summary Editor

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download PDFKeeper

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