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Free PDF To Text Converter Extracts Text From Protected PDF Documents

Many important documents and reports come as protected PDF files. Take for example WFP (United Nations World Food Programme) or any international N.G.O. While performing research, it becomes impossible to quote or give reference to any section of the report since extracting text from such PDF files is near impossible. Meet LotApps Free PDF To Text Converter. It is a portable application to convert a single or multiple PDF documents into a simple text file. If more than one PDF document is selected, it extracts and merges the document to create a single text file. The app does not require a PDF reader to be installed on your computer and provides seamless PDF to Text conversion in a matter of seconds. With Free PDF To Text Converter, you can even extract text from password protected and encrypted PDF documents.

Load PDF files, select document(s) to extract text from and click Convert PDF to Text.

Free PDF to Text Converter

Once the PDF file(s) are extracted, a folder window will pop-up containing the text file with the extracted text. This text can then be copied and edited using any word processor or text editor of your choice.

Text File

LotApps Free PDF To Text Converter works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download LotApps Free PDF To Text Converter

If you are interested in converting documents between various formats, have a look at Doxillion Document Converter.


  1. Useless – tried 3 pdf’s and text file generated had nothing. Guess maybe the pdf has to be searchable; if that is the case, then no need to convert. You can just copy/paste.

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