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Free Photo/Picture Modifier Tool, Easy Image Modifier

Do you have family photos or some images lying around that you want to resize, rename, shrink, change format or aspect ratio, etc without having to use some complicated image editing tools? If yes, then Easy Image Modifier will suit your needs. It is a free tool for Windows that allows you modify images quickly.

Just drop the images, choose the settings, hit Start Processing button, and you are done.

easy image modifier before easy image modifier after

There are various options that you can tweak by going to Settings > Additional and Settings > Advanced. You can also choose to keep the app always on top of other window. This will come handy since there is no other way to add the files except dragging and dropping it in the app.

photo modifier additional settings photo modifier advanced settings

I resized few images using this tool and the output quality was surprisingly good, which shows that it does not reduce the quality during the process. It is a portable tool that works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7.

Download Easy Image Modifier

For more, check out our previously covered similar utilities: Image Resizer Powertoy Clone, Fast Image Resizer, and RightThumb. Enjoy!


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