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Great Picture Viewing And Editing Experience With Imagina

The name ‘Imagina’ may strike you as odd, but the software itself certainly will not. Imagina is the ‘next-gen image viewer and editor’ which utilizes advanced features such as 3D technology and hardware rendering to bring a new life to your images, supports video playback and offers extensive editing and fixing options, all packaged with a user interface that is awe-inspiringly beautiful.

Imagina main

The first thing about this program that you will notice is the amazing user experience and GUI. Every movement, every action performed occurs with smooth and elegant transition effects, clearly exhibiting the efforts of hardware rendering at work. When you open an image, a scrollable sidebar on the left presents thumbnails for all the images present in that directory. Images can be zoomed in and out using the mouse wheel. With a zoomed out image, you can click and drag to move the image around freely. Moving from one image to the other occurs artfully and seamlessly transitioned.

If you think the application’s 3D view is perhaps too taxing on your hardware, there is an option to switch to a 2D mode where the eye-candy is reduced somewhat, but performance remains same.

The application supports a wide range of image formats, as well as various popular video standards as well. You can enjoy the same user experience working with videos as well. File associations are set at the time of installation.


Some key features of Imagina include:

Precision Pixel Processing:
· Pixels can be stored in accurate high-dynamic-range floating point format for editing, allowing various editing operations without any loss of range or precision.

Black & White / Sepia:
· Give your pictures the traditional look, transforming them to black and white or sepia toned, or even some customisable combination of the two.

Slick Viewing:
· Whether in 2D or 3D, your pictures appear with grace and a smoothness that only hardware rendering can achieve, giving your pictures the finesse they deserve.

· Simple channel control, viewing RGB colours in isolation, just the alpha channel or all in combination; ideal for images destined for games production.

· Perform batch operations on your images by simply tagging them as you’re viewing, and then performing the operation as normal upon the tagged images.

Curve Transformations:
· Transform different attributes of your images precisely with curves from a stock of known algorithmic shapes along with hand-tunable control points.


The bottom line when it comes to Imagina is this; I was hard-pressed to find any shortcomings in this tool, but failed. Imagina combines performance with beauty that will take your picture-viewing experience to a new level. The software hosts lots of features, so feel free to play with it. Be advised though that this application requires some serious horsepower to run, with a memory usage of over 200MB when running.

Imagina works with all versions of Windows over 2000. Other minimum requirements are Microsoft DirectX 9.0c and NET Framework 2.0.

Download Imagina

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