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Free Privacy Eraser – Erase Your Computer Activity Traces

Whenever you use your computer, traces of your activity are left behind and anyone can see what you did. Whether you are browsing the internet or moving through out your file system or composing any particular document, your system saves the traces of this activity. Free Privacy Editor lets you clear the traces of your internet and computer activity.

It lets you clear the cache and temporary files of web browsers and almost 100 apps which you use in your daily life. It really comes in handy as a single tool which takes care of both your internet activity and your local apps cache.

Free Privacy Eraser

Simply choose the applications in the left sidebar for which you wish to erase the traces and hit the Clean button. It supports almost all famous web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape, Opera etc. You can easily clear the list of almost all the commonly used Windows apps like MS Word, Paint, IM’s etc.

Download Free Privacy Editor

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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