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Mirror Folders: Create Mirror To Access Folders From Context Menu

Mirror Folders is an ingeniously useful application to create mirrors of specified folders. It adds an option to view mirrored folder in context menu of a specified folder that brings ease in viewing and managing two related folders.

The demand begets from the fact that often we’re in need to make some data open to public while related confidential content in other folder has to be kept private. The application addresses this need directly and let you assign a mirror folder with the root folder (which can be accessed from context menu) to view privately held content of the root folder without having to navigate through different locations.

Given the fact that we do need to create backup of precious data every now and then, in such conditions mirroring two folders through this application would be utterly useful, as it pledges to maintain hierarchy of root folder including all the nested folders. It would also be helpful in instances when jumping to the backup folder of a root folder is required. You can assign a mirror folder from the main interface or from right click context menu.

mirror folder1

Once you’ve assigned a mirror folder, you can easily navigate to the specified folder from its context menu option. Manage Mirrors option will open the main interface of the application to let you deactivate and edit the mirror folders settings.

mirror folders2

The application runs on all Windows based OS, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Mirror Folders

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