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Now Remove Locked Files & Apps Left Over Data, Check Viruses With FreeFixer

FreeFixer is a powerful Windows application that enables you to remove apps’ left over data, and potentially dangerous applications, scripts and hidden payloads that can cause serious damage to the system. Since our review of FreeFixer back in 2009, the application has seen quite a lot of improvements in terms of both file removal options and features, including show file path and owning process that prevents file from deletion, improved error messages, support for additional companies, manual file registration, file authenticity check, virus check report from VirusTotal.com, increased file upload size limit and a lot more. Read past the jump for more details.

Apart from numerous under the hood changes and code improvements, the latest update (version 0.61) adds support for numerous companies to its green list including AVAST Software, Broadcom Corp., BullGuard, Canon, Duplex. HP, Google, Lavasoft, Lenovo, Marvell and more. As far as usability is concerned, the most significant improvement is the ability of scanning Csrss.exe virtual memory. It now also includes File Nuker and System File Checker that let you manually register a file for on-reboot removal, and verifies the integrity of system files, respectively. FreeFixer has an online manual that helps you understand available options and tools, and guides you through the process of superfluous file deletion process.

The main interface has 4 tabs in total namely Scanner, Settings, Tools and Donate. The Scanner shows information on how FreeFixer functions and which types of files and applications it scan for removing malicious data. The first step is to start the scanner to find all types of vulnerabilities and files that may cause damage to Windows core components.

freefixer main

Once the scanning process is finished, it shows a detailed system scan results, letting you view the files and Windows registry keys that you may want to remove from the system. It allows you to delete the potentially harmful files and Windows registry entries. Clicking more info will upload file to FreeFixer website, which scans the file for viruses infections.

scan results

At the bottom of scan results, you will find options to Fix (deletes selected files and Registry entries), Scan again and Save log. The Settings and Tools tab are recently introduced, and help you configure application basic settings, and run aforementioned tools (File Nuke and System File Checker), respectively. From Settings, you can disable uploading files to FreeFixer website when more info link is clicked, and enable/disable show MD5 and SHA256 info for each file options.

settings freefixer

The File Nuker is a small tool integrated into the application. It will assist you in removing locked files from the system. All it needs is the complete path of the file, and it deletes the file on the next reboot. To launch System File Checker, you need administrative privileges to scan protected files for a variety of fabrications.


FreeFixer comes handy for users who want to quickly eliminate Windows locked files, and other malicious scripts, applications and Windows Registry entries. With File Nuke, it can now easily remove those files, which can’t be removed as long as Windows processes and services are running. FreeFixer supports a range of Windows OS versions including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Developer Build.

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