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Freemore Audio Video Suite Is Your One Stop Shop For Media Editing & Conversion

There are countless Audio and video conversion tools out there but with all the available options, it may get fairly tough to look for the right one at the right time. Even if you find the one that meets your requirements, odds are that it would be either be paid or in case of being free, have either way too many configuration options making it confusing to use, or offer too little control at what it does. Freemore Audio Video Suite takes care of this nuisance by amalgamating a number of different multimedia tools into a single freemium package that’s easy enough to use for the average user while decently powerful enough for power users. It’s a compendium of various frequently used audio, video and document converters and editors that you would otherwise have to download separately when required. The suite includes audio editor, sound recorder, ringtone maker, MP3 cutter and joiner, audio and video converter, DVD burner, image and PDF converter, and the list doesn’t stop here. It’s rare that you find such a huge collection of distinct apps in free software but Freemore not only delivers it; it delivers it exceptionally well.

Since it packs in a huge selection of tools, the application saves you time and confusion by allowing access to each item from one main window. This simple, black themed UI holds all the available tools under four different sections relevant to the media type: MP3 & Audio, DVD & Video, Photo & Images, and Misc. The UI looks well-organized and easy on the eyes, and is color-coded as well. MP3 & Audio section is designed to meet all your audio manipulation needs. The tools under this section are organized under Record & Edit, Join & Cut, Convert, and Extract. This makes it finding the right tool a snap, which would have otherwise been a pain if all the tools were simply bundled up together without such organization.

Freemore Audio Video Suite

Freemore Audio Editor is a remarkably powerful audio editor and it was surprising to see it included as a component of what seemed to be a general purpose multimedia suite. It houses a multitude of effects to adjust or make changes to your audio files, such as the sound Delay, Modulation, Restoration, Time and Pitch, Echo etc. The tool also contains Noise Reduction and Sound Normalization features that might aid in fine tuning your music. In a nutshell, it’s a feature-laden audio editor that sound aficionados would love to play around with. And should the number of supported file types worry you, all the major audio formats are supported including MP3, WAV, MP4, AAC and so on.

Freemore Audio Video Suite_Audio Editor

While Windows comes with a sound recorder one out of the box, it’s far from useful for any serious audio recording. Freemore comes with its own Audio Recorder utility that offers you way more control over your recordings. It’s settings provide you with plenty options to choose from including the output format, quality, destination directory, hotkeys, automatic recording scheduling, automatic gain control, and automatic voice control that starts recording when sound is detected and stops recording upon silence.


Note: We encountered a bizarre  “Saturday is not a valid date” message upon clicking ‘Options’ on Saturday while testing. On Monday, we encountered no such issue.

If you love creating new ringtones (like me), the included Ringtone Maker might provide a helping hand. Akin to its Audio Editor cousin, the tool lets you edit music files and crop them to the appropriate ringtone length, without any additional controls of a full audio editor getting in your way to complicate things. You can work on both right and left audio channels and tweak some basic audio settings. The tool supports MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA as output.

Freemore Audio Video Suite_RingtoneMaker

An MP3 Joiner and Merger is also available in Freemore. On the audio conversion part, it seems like everything’s been put on the table. You can extract the audio from video files, or convert one format to the other. Again, almost all major formats are supported here, so you won’t face much trouble. All the audio conversion tools within the package can perform conversion process in batch operation.


Same can be observed for the included Video Converters. Not only do they support all the major formats such as MP4, FLV, MPEG, RM, WMV, and AVI, but most of the popular handheld devices have also given some love, including Android and Apple devices, PSP, Blackberry, and other mobile phones. That should make things easy for those of us who want to convert our media for playback on these devices but aren’t sure about the format and dimensions to choose. The lack of MKV support might tick many off but considering everything else that is available, this would be a relatively minor omission. Videos can be converted in batch mode just like audio, and the developers have added a Video Joiner tool as well.


Not many of us are fond of DVDs anymore, especially in this age of content distribution over the Internet and extremely low prices of USB flash drives. Nevertheless, Freemore’s collection of DVD related tools might help you out in burning that odd ISO to the disk for booting your old machine, ripping CDs and DVDs, creating new DVD, or making a copy of one disc to another.

Freemore Audio Video Suite_DVD

In the Photo & Images menu, you’ll find plenty of PDF and Image related tools to fiddle with. Do note however, that the image conversion tools are not bundled with the Free version. PDF related tools include PDF converter, JPG to PDF, Scan To PDF, PDF Merger, and a Free OCR on top of that, and these are available in the free version. The PDF converter is very useful to change your text and image files into PDF, and its Ribbon-based UI makes it easy to use for just about anyone.

Freemore Audio Video Suite_PDF

Apart from the PDF tools, the integrated Slideshow maker lets you quickly create slideshow videos from your favorite images. The interface of this tool seems out of sync with everything else in the package, but it’s easy enough to navigate and gets the job done. And if that’s not all, you can even make your own animated GIF files (or convert some of your funny videos to GIFs) to share them online.

Freemore Audio Video Suite_Slideshow

Overall, Freemore Audio Video Suite is one of the most refined and powerful multimedia suites I have come across. This kind of sheen is mostly observed in paid applications but Freemore does it without costing a dime. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit.

Download Freemore Audio Video Suite

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