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FTP Client FireFox Add-on FireFTP Review

FireFTP is a Firefox add-on built especially for those who’ve been using FTP desktop utility like: FileZilla and need to use it frequently for data transfer. Arguably it is the most eminent FireFox extension. Since we haven’t covered it before, in this post we will be covering all the feature & options it offers for those who have missed it out. It does not provide many features & options when compared with desktop FTP tools, but is pretty useful as you can use FTP client right in the browser.

As far as security is concerned, it supports Authenticated TLS, SSL, and SFTP. So, there is no pointing of placing blame on using FTP client in a browser. Despite that, it also supports IPv6 and provides a lot of Server Encoding Character Sets. The usage is simple and quite straightforward. Install the add-on (download link given at the bottom of the article), under Tools menu, click FireFTP.


This will open the add-on window, from left sidebar, click Create an account to enter host credentials. Under Connection tab, you can enable secure connection options like; SFTP, Auth TLS, SSL, etc. Under Advanced tab, Server Encoding character set can be chosen and other settings can be configured. Once account setup is complete, click Connect to create a connection.

create account1

Like other eminent FTP clients, it provides the very same environment. The Layout is pretty neat and multiple navigation bars helps you in navigating through the local & host files simultaneously. Convenient uploading & downloading  buttons will let you to easily transfer files & folders.


It supports import in XML and DAT format. For configuring advanced options, under Tools menu, click Options. Options window consist of multiple tabs which mainly includes, General tab for showing messages & remembering passwords during sessions, Interface tab, for configuring its layout settings, Connections tab for using Proxy and entering other network details & configuring network-relevant settings, under Downloads/Uploads, you can choose transfer modes and configure options for handling duplicate files, etc.



It is one of the most useful add-on which comes with a lot of options, providing easy access to FTP servers. You can easily get around it, as it provides the very same functionality as other famous FTP clients available out there.

We tested the add-on in Firefox 3.6.6.

Download FireFTP

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