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Fully Customize Your Windows Desktop Background With SE-DesktopConstructor

SE-DesktopConstructor is a dynamic tool that can be used to completely customize your desktop background. It allows you to automatically change desktop wallpapers after a set period of time (with selected images, solid colors, color gradient, etc), place a clock and calendar on the desktop with several customizable designs, color areas of icons, and so on. Although Windows 7 does have some of these features by default, the customization options are limited as compared to what this application has to offer. SE-DesktopConstructor can be installed or used in a portable form by downloading the appropriate file from the developers website.  After execution, this application works from the system tray. Click on the Configure option from system tray right-click menu to select elaborate features. The Background tab can be used to set solid colors or color gradient as backgournd images. If you wish to use selected images from the hard drive, then go to the Images tab and specify a folder with the images. In the Images tabs users can specify a time frame (e.g. one minute, hour, etc) to rotate desktop backgrounds with the selected colors/images. to instantly switch to another images click on the Now button.


The selected image(s) are displayed with a calendar and clock which can be changed according to preferences.


The color fader tab can be used to select desktop fading effects. Likewise the Pain Shapes tab provides a number of shape options to sow overlayed shapes on the desktop.

Color fader

The Paint Clock tab provides a range of clocks to choose from for displaying on the desktop. The Paint Calendar tab has similar yet less dynamic choices for customizing the calendar.


The position for both calendar and clock can be adjusted from the respective tabs. With this application the customization of your desktop can be done in many diverse ways. For example, the ability to select a clock to match any kind of wallpaper and a range of gradients to choose from is not even close to what Windows 7 offers by default. SE-DesktopConstructor was tested on Windows 7 64-bit OS and works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download SE-DesktopConstructor


  1. Looks great…but I’ve installed it and it doesn’t seem to work. Does absolutely nothing! Windows 7 x86. Am I missing something?

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