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Fully Remove Unwanted Windows Device Drivers With Treexy Driver Fusion

Removing existing device drivers from your computer can be quite a complicated and cumbersome process, and can even deter the average Joe from upgrading outdated hardware components. The reason for this is the traces such as registry keys, some system files and other similar stuff old drivers often leave when uninstalled Even if you some how manage to remove the unwanted files, chances are some registry values will still be overlooked by the Windows Add/Remove program and might end up causing some conflicts or issues. This is where Treexy Driver Fusion comes to the rescue. This Windows freeware allows you to completely remove all your unrequired device drivers in one go. In addition, it also allows you to save your desktop icons layout and screen resolution, and some other small tidbits as well.

Driver Fusion boasts clean and simple looking interface, with its its main (and apparently the only) window comprising three sections at the top named maintenance, computer and management, each of these housing further subsections. The Maintenance section is where you can scan and delete unneeded driver entries. To do that, click Driver Inspection (if not already selected) and then mark the driver types you want to remove. The application comes with some preconfigured manufacturers’ names out of the box such as Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Microsoft etc. Furthermore, it also enables you to add custom models under Management section. Once a make or model is selected, click analyze to begin the scan process.

Treexy Driver Fusion

Once analyzed, you can manually mark required items from the list and click Delete. The application also includes a Driver Overview feature, but it’s locked in the free variant.

Treexy Driver Fusion_Analyze

The app also saves a backup of the removed files, so you may easily restore them if required. To restore the drivers, head over to the management section and click Restore. Having done that, select the restore point from the left and click Restore. To remove a restore point, you can use the delete button. Another interesting feature is the application’s Filters menu. This is where you can add custom driver profiles based on model and driver type.

Treexy Driver Fusion_Management_Restore

Apart from managing device drivers, the application allows saving Desktop icons layout along with current display resolution, as a somehow unrelated bonus feature that I mentioned earlier in the review. You can save profiles for each layout, so you may easily switch back and forth without going through an otherwise lengthy procedure. This can come really handy for software testers like me who continuously need to change display resolution.


Teexy Driver Fusion is an excellent application that can be highly useful for your driver cleanup requirements. The application has both a Free and Premium ($19.99) variant, the latter of which comes with a few extra perks such as Device Control, Enhanced Removal Mode and Automatic Updates. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Treexy Driver Fusion


  1. That’s because you are trying to run a modern application on an OS that is older than the dinosaurs, haha!

  2. Upon reading this promo job, I downloaded and installed it in a XP/SP3 32-bit notebook. Within the initial few seconds of its first execution (monitored with SysInternals’ Process Explorer), this supposedly “excellent” app grabbed a juicy chunk of CPU time and immediately quitted without even leaving a Dear John note on why it failed . . . *Tacky* programming indeed. It was quickly uninstalled.

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