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GamutLogViewer – Bookmark, Filter And Highlight Windows Logs

Log files are often useful for identifying system issues ranging from application functionality problems to system crashes. Filtering and reading log files can often be a problem due to their compact text file format. It can be convenient when one gets suitable filtering and highlighting options to sweep through important logs for identifying events.

GamutLogViewer is an open source log file viewing application, which provides many refining options to easily sort log files. It supports filtering, bookmarking, searching and highlighting log files to view, sort and compare old and new logs easily.

Log files

Open a Windows log file in any format and it will get listed in rows. You can sort the log file text by selecting a button from the top toolbar (e.g. Error, fatal, warning, debug or trace). These button automatically sort the log according to the selected option. For example, to view error information, click the Error button.


To add/remove sorting button to the toolbar, head over to View-> Preferences. From here, you can add specific options to the toolbar for sorting logs according to a specific criteria.


For further refining the logs, you can add color to rows and also bookmark them from right-click context menu. The bookmarked and highlighted columns can be quite convenient for later evaluation and comparison with other log files.


It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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