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GDocsDrive Makes Google Docs A Google Drive On Your Desktop [Giveaway]

Using Google Docs desktop client makes sense only if it features a host of useful options which are not natively present in Google Docs. If you’re looking for a simple Google Docs client which, while organizing all the saved documents, allows direct uploading and downloading as well, check out GDocsDrive. It’s a simple implementation of Google Docs API with a handful of extra options to seamlessly manage your documents. Unlike other tools which offer direct access to Google Docs by creating a FTP connection, it offers an overly simple interface to quickly download and upload not only files but folders as well. Therefore, you wont have to create folders manually in Google Docs or install an additional applet in browsers (other than Chrome) to upload folders, GDocsDrive can upload folders along with sub-folders via simple drag & drop.

GDocsDrive lets you quickly share documents, photos, and other files with your friends. You can remove and edit the sharing permission of selected documents, add more users to sharing list, or invite groups of people to view or edit the documents online.

Note: GDocsDrive is a paid application, which costs $19. We are giving away 15 licenses to our readers. More information on taking part in this giveaway is provided at the end of this review.

It also features a handy search option to find the documents from heap of other items saved on Google Docs. Apart from replicating the Google Docs default folder hierarchy, it adds options to view recently updated items along with other categories to automatically organize documents according to their types – Documents, Presentations, or Spreadsheets.

The left sidebar shows the Google Docs folders and categories whilst main window shows the items contained in selected folder or category. To download all documents, just select them, right-click and select Download. Uploading files is also easy; click Upload on main toolbar and specify file(s) or folder(s) to begin uploading process.

GDocsDrive 1

GDocsDrive supports both public and private sharing of files. Select the file which you wish to share with others, click Share on toolbar, choose visibility option – Private or Public, enter email addresses of collaborators and, finally click Share. You can change the visibility options anytime later by opening the Sharing settings window of selected file.

share 2

You can head over to product page to review all the features GDocsDrive has to offer. It works on all versions of Windows OS.

Download GDocsDrive


This giveaway will only last for 48 hours. Participation in the giveaway is simple. You need to either follow us at @addtips and tweet the giveway (also leave the link of the tweet in the comments box below), or leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us why you need this app. We will pick out 15 winners randomly!

Update: The contest has ended. Giveaway licenses have been sent to winners.

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