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Generate, Backup & Encrypt Passwords With Advanced Password Recovery

There are a lot of applications available on the internet to manage and recover Windows Accounts, but today, we have an application that not only manages your Windows Accounts, but is a complete password manager and retriever. Advanced Password Recovery is a portable application to manage the operating system’s accounts and passwords. It lets you change and remove all user passwords, generate random alphanumeric passwords, encrypt and decrypt any string or text with a password and recover Messenger, Windows, Office, Browsers and Wireless connection passwords and keys. In case you don’t remember the password of a User Account, you can delete and enter a new password for that account using Advanced Password Recovery.

The main interface has Menu at the top that allows you to switch between the four modes offered by the application; Windows Account Management, Recovering Passwords, Password Generator and Password Encrypter.Advanced Password Recovery Menu

The Windows Account Management mode can be used to remove a password from an account, set a new password for an account and enable, disable and delete an account. To set a new password of an account, choose the account name from Username drop-down list, type a new password and click Patch. In order to completely delete the password, just select the Username and click Remove Password button. The Account Manager section allows you to Enable an account, Disable it and completely Delete it from your system.

Advanced Password Recovery - Windows Account Management

Password and Serial Recovering enables you to backup all your passwords into text files. From the left side, select the passwords that you want to save from Messenger and Related, Windows and Office, Browsers and Wireless. Enter the path where you want the text files with the passwords to be saved, and hit Recover.

Advanced Password Recovery - Password and Serial Recovering

Password Generator Manager allows you to generate Alpha, Numeric, Alpha Numeric and Alpha Numeric Special (also uses characters) passwords. Pick the length of required password, and choose Generate.Advanced Password Recovery Password Generator

Password Encrypter Manager can be used to encrypt and decrypt any string or text. To encrypt, type text in the left pane, enter a password and click Encrypt. The encrypted text will appear in the right pane. You can copy and save this text in a file for future use. To decrypt this text, paste it in the left pane, enter password and click Decrypt.

Advanced Password Recovery Password Encrypter

Advanced Password Recovery requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, and works on all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download Advanced Password Recovery

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