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Generate Checksums To Verify File Integrity Using SFV Ninja

Checksum is an error detection method for checking the integrity of data. The integrity of data can be checked by generating a hash value at the receiver’s end and then comparing it with the original file’s value. If the checksums match, it means that the data has not been tampered with. It is necessary because of the fact that these days a lot of personal data is saved on the computer. Without proper security, all that personal data is open for anyone to steal. If someone with malicious intentions gets his hands on your personal, especially financial data, it can be very dangerous for you. So, it is better to keep your computer protected through firewalls antivirus programs, and try to match the hash value of the files that you are downloading on to the PC. SFV Ninja is a portable checksum verification tool, which supports SFV, MD5 and SHA-1 checksum files. You can generate checksums of files and save them in a list. The list can then be used to check files for tampering later on by matching the old hash values of files with the new ones.

From the main interface, you can load checksum file, scan folders, verify files, and save list. The information about files such as Filename, Size, Saved Checksum, Checksum, Comment and File path is displayed in main window. By default, CR32 (SFV) mode is selected. However, you can change the checksum mode from toolbar. To begin, load files from Files –> Add files to list. Once files are added, select the mode and click Verify All Files present at the top to generate checksum for all the files.

SFV Ninja Verfiy

You can add files to existing list, load checksum file, save list to checksum file, add folders to list, all from File menu.

SFV Ninja Save

This list can be used to later check if the files have been tampered with or not. Just load the checksum file from File –> Load checksum file and click Verify all files button. The application will generate checksums for all the files and compare them with the saved checksums. From Comments column, you can check if any file checksum differs.

SFV Ninja

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download SFV Ninja

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