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Genie Timeline Free Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Software

Have you just spent hours painstakingly backing up every last scrap of data on your PC to a secondary hard drive or an external hard drive just to find out it’s not there after you burned your hard drive by accidently spilling coffee on it?

Genie Timeline Free Edition is a simple yet robust backup solution that enables users to backup and restore reliably. It allows users to backup their data to virtually any storage destination and uses Windows Explorer style file/folder selection. Genie Timeline provides premium security with multi-level encryption to prevent from unauthorized access, and employs multilayered security for online data transmission. Equipped with Windows compatible disaster recovery feature, it guarantees business continuity by backing up critical system files and offering faster and easier recovery without the need for an installation drive.


It is a powerful, versatile backup tool capable of just about any backup task you can dream up. The version we have reviewed here is Free and is intended for Home Users only. Obviously there is a price attached to using this tool with all it’s colors and I got to admit that the annual fee for a corporate account is pretty fancy ($200/user).


The best things about Genie is types of data it allows you to store/ backup. Virtually, all major data types are covered, from documents to video.


ScreenShot5 ScreenShot3

Genie Backup Manager is absolutely easy to use since it offers a very user friendly interface and there hardly is anything tricky. It boasts of many useful features and after evaluating this product, one can be sure to outline some of the pros & cons.


  • Simple & Easy
  • Excellent customization
  • Easy on eyes GUI
  • Email notifications
  • Self restorable
  • Add-on enabled


  • Slow encryption
  • No data verification when using FTP
  • Crashes/ Bugs reported

Download Genie Timeline Free Edition

Editor’s Notes: This is a guest post written by Ali Sheikh. Expect him to join the AddictiveTips team in the near future.

1 Comment

  1. Must to say that, I’m still not sure should I use Timeline or more standard backup system (Genie Backup or acronics or paragon backup).

    I’m happy with timeline free – I can back just any file I lost or overwrite badly.

    But when is better to use standard backup (not image of disc, but normal file backup made with more or less stable interval)? I’m still not sure – what if my main disc will die – is there any problem with restore files from Timeline Free backup files? I’m talkin about moment, when I need to reinstall my ssytem (new main disc) and than restore my worki files from timeline. I know – hard to belive – but I’m not so sure that timeline give me this option.

    What if I made backup and want to store it on my MyBook disc than after year – restore/open on other computer.

    Sht. It’s so complicated. After all – I’m close to jump againt to synchro option on best, free windows commander (Free Commander). One way synchro, that I’m sure how work.


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