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Get Advanced Logs For Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 And 2011

Windows MultiPoint Server is a member of the Windows Operating System family which provides a way to tap into unused processing power of a single PC. This gives multiple users their own computing experience, as  older hardware is reused, to provide end users with most current Windows 7 experience. You can even use large screen monitors and split screens to further enhance the user experience. It allows powering one computer for multiple users who can connect to it using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). While it bring a lot of cost reductions for a business, it also needs strict monitoring to ensure that several end users are not adversely affected.

Microsoft has recently launched the Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Log Collector. It is an optional tool that can be used to obtain logs and debugging information. This can help in investigating server issues with more detailed and enhanced logs for Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 and 2011. This logging information can be quite helpful for IT professionals and intermediate users who may require troubleshooting the Windows MultiPoint Server.



After launching Server Log Collector, click on the Collect Data button.

Windows MultiPoint Server Log Collector

This will initiate the log collection process. The collected data is saved in a zip file with multiple logs. This tool does not automatically send information from your computer; it only obtains the data delivers it in easy to use formats.

Collecting Data

You can unzip this file to obtain the logs which are present in multiple formats according to their respective forms. This includes text files, csv files and event viewer files (evtx).


It works on both Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 and MultiPoint Server 2011.

Download Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Log Collector

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