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Follow Your Favorite TV Shows & Get Alerts For New Episodes With Watchlist For Windows 8

Watching you favorite TV series after a hard day at work is a great way to relax. We all have our own preferences when it comes to TV series; some like comedy, some like suspense, while others go for drama. Though when you are busy with your daily life, it can be quite tedious to keep track of when a new season of your favorite TV series is getting released, or when an ongoing season is coming out of break. This information is easily available on the official websites of these seasons or channels, as well as third party webpages. However, if you are following a large number of shows, going to each of their websites or searching on Google for their return dates and other similar information can be a tedious task. Watchlist is an app for Windows 8 that lets you keep track of your favorite TV shows and notifies you of newly released episodes. Other than new app notifications, it also allows you to add different TV shows to favorites, view their cast, mark episodes as seen to get notifications about new ones, and browse artwork related to the shows.

Upon first launch, you will have to allow the app to run in the background in order to receive notifications about the new episodes.

Watchlist Permission

The main interface is divided into two sections; Favorites and Recommended. The recommended section provides some basic suggestions about the currently famous shows, while the favorites section is empty by default, as it is meant for you to add your favorite shows to it, to be able to quickly access them from a the main interface without having to search for them each time.

Watchlist Favorites

You can add any show to the favorites list by bringing up the app bar from the bottom. The app bar lets you add a show to favorites, browse its related artwork, view its cast, share it with your friends, and mark the previous episodes as seen.

Watchlist Appbar

The mark option lets you mark selected episodes as seen, or choose one to mark it as the last seen episode. This ensures that only episodes after the marked one will be considered as new, in order to bring you the most relevant notifications.

Watchlist Mark

Scroll to the extreme right side to read the overview of the show and view related content from IMDB, TheTVDB, Wiki, Facebook and YouTube right inside the app.

Watchlist Overview

The cast is listed with names and images of the actors, as well as the name of their characters in the show.

Watchlist Cast

You can browse the Artwork section to view a large collection of images and photographs related to the selected TV series.

Watchlist Artwork

To search for a TV show that is not listed in the recommended section, just bring up the Search Charm. All the shows related to your search are shown in the results, and can be accessed to view their details.

Watchlist Search

The Setting Charms let you specify the background change frequency and episode threshold for incremental loading, and also allow you to add feeds to get related news.

Watchlist Settings

Watchlist works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

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