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Get An RGB Or HTML Code For On-Screen Colors With Shade Variations

Color picking tools are abundantly available for almost all desktop and mobile platforms. How they work may vary based on system and device but generally you have an app that will let you pick colors off your screen and give you the color’s RGB or HEX code. CP1 is a color picking tool for Windows that stands out for its excellent and clean interface. The app can pick a color off your screen and give you the RGB and HTML code for it. When you point the app to a single color, it automatically gives you fourteen other varying shades of the same color. You have the option to expand the colors to a more wider palette. CP1 maintains a history of all colors you’ve ever picked. Click an old selection and you will also be able to view the other shades you were shown with it. Click on an RGB or HTML code and it is automatically copied to your clipboard.

CP1 is a portable app so you don’t have to install it. Simply launch the EXE file and click the color picker button (or hit Ctrl+C) to start picking colors off the screen. CP1 stays on top of all other windows and the color picker remains active until you select a color.


Once a color has been picked, the window shows you the corresponding RGB and HTML codes for it, along with fourteen other shades with their respective code. You can click the two buttons next to the color picker button to increase or decrease the variation between the shades. You can select a narrow or a wide template to work with.


The clock button is where you can access your history. Lastly, from the hamburger icon, you can also export your template to a TXT file.

Download CP1 For Windows

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