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Get App Icons On The Taskbar When Windows 10 Is In Tablet Mode

Windows 10, in a bid to win back users who weren’t happy with Windows 8/8.1 did so without sacrificing the user experience for everyone who had bought and was planning on using a Windows tablet. Windows 8 was widely criticised to be ‘built for tablets’ with desktop users as an afterthought.¬†Windows 10 not only caters to both desktop and tablet users, it does so without taking anything away from either of the two experiences. The tablet mode is easy to switch to from the notification center drawer and the switch to it is fluid. That said, if you’ve tried the tablet mode out, you may have noticed that all the pinned apps from the Taskbar disappear even though the multitasking icon and other buttons remain present. This is actually a feature and part of the switch to tablet mode but if it bothers you, you can still get app icons on the taskbar when in tablet mode. Here’s how.

Go to the Settings app and in the System group of settings, go to the Tablet Mode tab. Here you will find an option ‘Hide app icons on the taskbar when in tablet Mode’ turned on. You need only flip it off and the icons will reappear.

tablet mode icons on taskbar

It’s possible the icons are kept hidden by default so as to prevent users from accidentally launching an app when they’re tapping on other buttons such as the search or multitasking button. In the end what matters is that Microsoft has given users an easy option to have it however they like it.

tablet mode icons_ taskbar

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