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Get Caps Lock, Num Lock, And Scroll Lock Indicators In The System Tray

When buying a laptop, we’re more concerned with how well it performs. The specifications of a new laptop center around the processor, the RAM, graphics card, etc and not on the far less trivial things like how many LED indicators it has. Sadly, as trivial as these things are, they are missed when absent and if you have a laptop that doesn’t indicate whether the number pad is on or if Caps lock is on, you might have lingering regret towards your otherwise satisfactory purchase. Keyboard Indicator is a lightweight Windows utility that adds indicators for caps lock, num lock, and scroll lock, to your system tray so that you can tell at a glance whether they are On or Off.

Once installed, the app adds three icons to the System Tray, one each for num, caps, and scroll lock. Since they’re notification icons, they’re going to disappear (collapse) unless you set them to always be visible.


The utility is fairly basic; the icons are omnipresent in that they appear to indicate both the On and Off state of the various keyboard locks instead of appearing only when a particular lock is on. If they’ve been set to remain hidden unless there is a new notification, they will appear in the system tray when you toggle any of the locks On or OFF. The icons themselves aren’t the best in visually communicating what they indicate so there is definitely room for improvement there.

Keyboard Indicator works with Windows 7, 8/8.1, and Windows 10.

Install Keyboard Indicator


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