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Get Complete Control Over Windows System Services – Service Manager Plus

Most ordinary users know that Windows Services are simply services running in the background that take care of most of the system operation. They can control some basic services simply by hitting Ctrl+Shift+Esc and then clicking the Services tab. But what about advanced users like Programmers, System Admins, and Software Designers who want full control over their system services?

According to the developer, Service Manager Plus provide these users the control they won’t get using Microsoft’s service control manager. When you start the program, you will see a blank screen and after some time all services will be shown in a simple list.

Note: The reason why it appears blank for a short while is because it is loading services which can run into hundreds if not thousands.

For every Service you get an option to Start, Stop, Pause, Resume, and Restart the service. There is also an option to visit the Properties of the service where you can further control the service to it’s core.

service manager plus

By default the system services are not shown, but you can enable it from View menu.

service manager plus - system services

Further more you can also connect to a remote host and control all services over the network. You will also find an option to save and restore the services and finally an option to export the list of services.

service manager - connect remote host

One thing that makes finding the service faster is the Search feature. Just start typing and the results will be filtered out in real-time.

service manager plus search

In the Properties window of every Service you will find loads of other options such as, in General tab you change the Startup type, Service type, and Load order group.

general properties of service

In Recovery tab you can define what operation to perform when the service fails.

recovery properties of service

In Dependencies tab you can choose other service to whom it is related too. Since some system components are related to a specific services, if one fails, it will lead to crash of all related system components. In the History tab you can see the whole history of any service.

It has quite an easy-to-use interface which makes managing the services further easy. It works on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista. It can also work on Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 but has not been tested there.

Download Service Manager Plus


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