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Gmail Notifier Pro – Get Desktop Notifications For Gmail, Google Calendar And News

Gmail Notifier Pro is a desktop notification tool capable of checking multiple Google accounts for providing notifications. Unlike many notification software of its kind, it supports reminders from not just Gmail but also other Google services, including Google News and Google Calendar. It supports atom and IMAP protocols for mails and provides customizable options to configure notification reminders / management of your Google services. Moreover, it allows sending emails on the fly, right from your desktop. Another good feature of this app is that it is available in portable form and provides secure account management over an encrypted connection. You can customize its interface and notification format with many built in reminder options, pop up settings, themes, gradient and other customization options.

All email notifications are displayed from the system tray. Whereas,  other reminders (such as Google Calendar reminders) appear in a  pop-up Window according to your defined parameters.

To get started, click on Manage Accounts to add Google account credentials. Once your accounts are added, you will be able to view unread mails by clicking on it’s subject name from the main interface.

You can add a Gmail (IMAP /Atom) and Google Calendar account for monitoring. You can also add Feed subscription. For adding an email account you can either use Gmail Atom or Gmail IMAP. The latter is used on mail clients and requires enabling IMAP from Gmail Settings. Beginners may be better off by selecting Gmail Atom for quick configuration of their account.

Account Type

When selected, add your account credentials and click OK. You can also add a Label to specifically monitor via Gmail Notifier.

To select other customization features, click Options from the main menu. The General tab allows selecting the time lapse for checking your Google account, auto starting Gmail Notifier at startup and managing system tray icon attributes (e.g. notifying about all unread mails at double click).  To customize the look of Gmail Notifier, head over to the Themes tab which contains a number of themes, a pop-up transparency slider, gradients, etc.

General tab

The Notifications tab can be used to set pop-up display time, notification settings for unread mail pop-up size, and so on. You can choose to select a browser from the Web Browser tab for selecting a browser from which Gmail Notifier can pick login sessions.

Web browsers

You can set reminder settings for default reminder notifications from the Schedule and Calendar tabs. To send Mails on the fly, select New Mail via right-click context menu. This will open a window from where you can compose and send email.

Gmail Notifier Pro has both a paid and free version. The free version supports two accounts, whereas, there is no restriction in the paid version which costs $7. Nonetheless, the free version contains all Gmail Notifier features.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Gmail Notifier Pro


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