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Get DirectSound Audio With Realtime Spectrum Display

Do you want to display the DirectSound output of an audio file with live spectrum? Sometimes, we want to analyze the synthesis and output pattern of sound. For instance, microphone recorded sounds or an audio input.WinDirectAudio (WDA) is a tiny tool that will allow you to play audio files with DirectSound and accurately display its spectrum in real-time. It works as simply as it looks! Unlike Windows Media or other similar player where you only see a fancy display, it gets you 100% accurate wave spectrum. It is particularly handy for people in sound recording business as they can analyze sound spectrum with an accurate wavelength display. It can also be used for digital signal processing.

Developed using Visual C++,  WDA uses Win32 GDI API for spectrum drawing and multi-threading to manage sound play and audio data for sample analysis. This is a very useful portable tool from a strict usage point of view and if you fancy checking out the real-time DirectSound & Spectrum, get your hands on this app.

It supports MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG Vorbis file types & requires Windows Media Player 9 or higher.

Download WinDirectAudio

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