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Get eBook Information From Your Desktop With eBook Info Grabber

eBook Info Grabber is a portable application that displays instant information about any eBook that you search on. E-books can be search either by title and author name or the ISBN (International Standard Book Number), which is a unique 9 digit book identifying code. Both ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 are supported. This provides the utility to get information such as book summary, publishing date, number of pages, etc right from the desktop. eBook Info Grabber is a good way of finding out general information on any ebook with the least bit of effort. To get started, select a search criteria (ISBN or by book title).

eBook Info Grabber

Enter the author name and title (if searching by the Book Title option) or the ISBN number (in case the ISBN search is performed) and click on the Get Info button.


This will instantly display a text file containing the title, publish date, eBook/ print ISBN number, page count and book summary.


eBookInfoGrabber uses Sony eBook Store to gather all information. It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download eBook Info Grabber

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