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Get Notified When A Natural Disaster Strikes With Earth Alerts

Do you want to get first-hand information on latest natural disasters, such as, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods, wildfires, or landslides? Earth Alerts does not have an eye-candy look but is definitely the most useful tool for those looking to get latest information on disasters both in US and Around the world.

You can add a US location or any location from around the world which you want to keep track of. You will get latest weather information of the location along with the disaster alerts. It collects disaster information from reputable US and Global Disaster Management Centers, for e.g it collects the details of Volcano eruptions from USGS Volcano Hazard program, Smithsonian Global Volcanism program, and Volcano World.

earth alerts main

It updates continuously every 5 or so minutes, therefore a good internet connection is required to run this program. Apart from just showing the information, you can also view where the volcano is located in the map along with it’s image. In some cases, you can even view the disasters live using the live webcam feed. For every disaster, it collects various information from different centers and then present it to you.

tropical cyclone

In some cases it uses 3rd party tools, such as, Stormpulse, Google Earth, and Weather Underground to give a more clear picture of the situation. It runs silently in the system tray taking only 2.3Mb of system memory. You are instantly notified when mother nature gets a little upset. Note in the screenshot below that the icon has turned into a volcano, this means latest volcano eruption has taken place.

earth alert alert notification

To check weather of your location quickly, move the mouse pointer over the system tray icon.

earth alerts system tray icon

Overall, it’s a very comprehensive and robust tool that gives first-hand information on every disaster and also notifies you about the weather. It requires .NET Framework 3.0 to run and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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