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Get Rid Of Annoying Vuvuzela Horn Sound

If you have been following the football World Cup 2010, Vuvuzelas needs no introduction. For those of our fans who are not so familiar with the oh-so-annoying instrument, it is a loud (read: very loud) horn like instrument that produces a constant, bee-like buzz. Listen to them playing during a game in the stadium, and it feels like all the bees in the world have attacked. In fact, the sound sometimes becomes unbearable even while watching match on the television or PC.

For those who have been watching the World Cup on their PCs, the Devuvuzelator is a nice filter that attempts to block out the vuvuzela buzz coming through your speakers, with varying strengths.


The filter is portable so no installation is required. Just run the file and make sure the filter is enabled. You can control its strength in various degrees. So the next time you’re watching a world cup broadcast in real-time from ESPN or BBC etc, give Devuvuzelator a shot and your watching experience may improve.

The program works with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Download Devuvuzelator

If you use VLC Player, you might want to check out a plugin for it called VuvuzeLAUTLOS.


    • um, lots of people. Like all the people I work with, and anyone who want to watch multiple games at once or who doesn’t have cable, etc…

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