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Get Unlimited Local Storage Space With RapidDrive [RapidShare Premium]

Among all the file sharing services out, RapidShare holds its ground as being one of the top choices for a majority of users. Things start looking even better when you go for a premium account with the service, since that entails an unlimited storage, no restriction on downloads, faster bandwidth and much more. If you’re one of those users that operate under the RapidShare Premium umbrella, you’re in luck, because now, you can have unlimited storage space on your local file system with RapidDrive. This free application lets you map your RapidShare Premium account as a local drive in Windows, allowing you to upload files to the service’s servers using easy drag & drop, just like any other local folder/drive, without any interruptions. Hit the jump to read more.


RapidDrive runs in the system tray, and has no complicated configurations to deal with whatsoever. When you install the application, a reboot will be required, after which you can find the app running in system tray. Upon first run, it will ask you to provide your RapidShare Premium account details. Save these settings and let the program verify your credentials.


With your account details provided, the next step will be creating the web drive (shows under Network Locations in Computer – first screenshot). The program will handle that for you on its own, and assign a drive letter from available options (X: in our case).


Once drive has been created successfully, it will launch in Windows Explorer, and will behave as such, so that you can add or remove files just by dragging & dropping and vice versa. Files can be added, deleted, and otherwise manipulated in all ways that Windows Explorer supports.


When you copy a file to RapidDrive, it gets uploaded to your mapped RapidShare Premium account seamlessly, with the upload running in background unobtrusively. Similar to Windows’ native progress dialog, RapidDrive also shows the uploaded file’s details and time remaining, calculated based on your internet connection speed.


Since the program has no interface, and runs solely in the system-tray, a few options available include opening the drive, total space used, preferences (which will only allow changing the account credentials), list of completed uploads, stopping and restarting the service, and exiting RapidDrive altogether.


RapidDrive is a great application for RapidShare Premium users, since it virtually gives you unlimited storage space for your Windows-based machine, and makes management of stored files much easier as compared to the conventional web interface of RapidShare. During our testing, a minor annoyance that we faced a couple of times was RapidDrive getting disconnected for no apparent reason, which went away after restarting the service. It does, however, require a fast internet connection, since the program communicates continuously with RapidShare servers.

RapidDrive is free to download and run, but RapidShare Premium accounts come at a cost. It requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to operate, and works well on all versions of Windows (Windows 7 preferable) above Windows XP. Our testing was done on a 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate installation.

Download RapidDrive

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  • Aaaaaa

    it sucks. because others have to pay or wait to download your files…

    • I’m afraid you’re missing the whole point of the app. It aims to deliver unlimited storage space to users of RapidShare Premium, not the other way around. This is a Windows application, not a RapidShare service whatsoever. The developer has merely tried to make life easier for RS Premium users, and to that matter, it serves its purpose well.

  • Sigh

    First off the offer is bad and after I downloaded it Norton detected a virus and removed it.  Wow.

    • Norton isn’t too reliable when it comes to detecting false positives. We checked it ourselves, and the program is clean. 

      • Curious

        Does this still exist? The link no longer works

  • Thanks for sharing. Awesome..

  • Peter44

    Does not work for me at all neather on Win7 Prof x64 nor on Win7 Prof x32. It installs perfectly fine but just doesn’t run when opened. I hope they are going to fix that.