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Get Weather Updates From Windows Media Center With MceWeather

Windows Media Center plugins provide the option to chip in some extra features that can be used to extend the native functionality. One such plugin is MceWeather, which displays the current weather, weather forecast, and weather map of a selected city or area on your large TV.  It was primarily designed for  Microsoft Windows Media Center (2005, Vista or 7), but can be used with earlier Windows operating system with Internet Explorer 6 or higher. MceWeather also works on Media Center Extenders like Microsoft XBox360 (which may be connected to a Media Center PC). With MceWeather, you can get instant weather forecasts for coming 4 days and current weather information right on your Media Center TV.

For the first time usage, you will need to launch it manually from Start Menu. After launching the application, click on Settings to specify your area location. Click Add to enter your city name. You can also select a satellite image format for viewing weather maps (Sat-image option), set a language, and change the background color (Style option).


Once done, click Install, followed by Save. You will be prompted to create a shortcut in Windows media Center Extras, click OK to add the shortcut. This will ensure that you will be able to access MceWeather from the WMC Extras section.


The Overview tab displays current weather conditions with four days weather forecast for your area.


The Satellite tab displays weather map of your area based on selected satellite image format.


You can also change background color to red, golden, grey, purple, dark-blue, black, etc, which provides a refreshing change to the weather information view. Unfortunately, there is no option to switch color according to weather conditions.

Change Color

MceWeather works on Windows XP (WMC 2005), Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download MceWeather

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