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Get Windows Maintenance Task And Custom Reminders With SCars

SCars is a handy reminder software that provides all kinds of reminders including the ones for Windows tasks such as Backup, Disk Cleanup, Windows Update, etc. Tasks such as updating Windows and security software, and cleaning temporary files can be conveniently remembered and launched with the help of SCars. In addition, you can set custom reminder with its reminder system.

With SCars, you can schedule reminders for tasks such as Disk Defragmentation on a periodic basis. Defragmentation of the hard disk physically organizes the contents of the disk to store the pieces of each file contiguously. This can help improve the performance of your system.


Similarly, you can schedule Disk Cleanup reminders to periodically clean your system for unwanted files, system backup, remove temporary files and set a time frame or updating mechanism for Windows Update (e.g. install updates automatically, check for updates but let me choose when to install them, etc).

Windows Update

You can also add custom reminder to remind you of important tasks (Custom Reminders tab).

RAM upgrade

Reminders appear above the system tray, alerting you of the important tasks that need to be performed. You can click on the Launch button to start the respective operation. This helps in performing maintenance tasks periodically without having to go to the various Windows configuration sections for finding and performing such tasks.


Another good feature of SCars is importing and exporting reminders (from the Settings tab). This allows saving and importing reminders across multiple systems. For example, a task might have to be completed on both an office and home computer, one can export the reminder form one system and import it to the other to be reminded of the tasks on both places.

Reminder ...

SCars works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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