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GetFoldersize Analyzes Hard Disk Size And Free Space In Real Time

Disk space usage analyzers are used to determine which folders and files are taking too much space of your local and removable disk drives, thus providing an easy way to clean the folders and files to save precious disk space. If you’re running short of disk space and want to examine and clean big folders to save disk space, GetFoldersize may help you anatomize disk space distribution. It’s a small disk space usage analyzer that has been written to display complete space distribution among folders and files. You just have to select the source path of folder and it will start analyzing the disk space usage for that folder.

Moreover, it has the ability to scan folders and files within defined source path to get you a complete overview of how much of total disk space is being utilized by each file or folder. The main interface is divided into two panes – Drives and Folder list. The pane at right side shows all the local and removable disks with total and free disk space information. Underneath it, you will find the content of the selected folder with Size, Extension, Type, Attribute and other information.

GetFoldersize 2.4

Disk space usage of folders are determined in real-time. After you’ve selected the drive which is to be analyzed, it will start showing the contained folders and files along with disk space usage percentage. This helps you identify which folders are taking much space of disk in question. To analyze the sub-folder, just expand the folder residing at root path of drive, it will show the space usage immediately.

The toolbars present above each pane lets you save the results, change the space unit, change font and size of listings, and delete the folder and file. When you want to analyze other disk drive, select the drive from drop-down menu present alongside main toolbar.

change drive 2

GetFoldersize works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download GetFoldersize

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