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GiliSoft Free Disk Cleaner: Remove Junk Files To Speed Up System

Over time, various junk files get accumulated in our PC’s. Downloading, browsing websites, and creating different files leaves remains of redundant files in your computer. It can be anything from temporary files left by some application installation processes, or files left by applications after you uninstall them (thanks to Windows native uninstaller utility that leaves a number of traces). All this can cause your computer to slow down and feel laggy at times, specially during read write operations when a lot of data has to be located and changed by the system. Moreover, it also clogs up a lot of hard drive space that can used to store other important files. It is always better to regularly clean up your system to avoid crashes or sluggishness, especially if you have a gaming machine. The problem, though, lies in locating these junk files in your system. Finding them manually in their separate folders and deleting them can be very time consuming and tiring exercise. Instead of trying to find the junk files yourself, you can use one of various disk cleaners that handsomely does the job. One such we came across is GiliSoft Free Disk Cleaner. It is a quick and safe junk file cleaner that quickly locates junk files in you system, and allows you to delete specified content from your system. More on GiliSoft Free Disk Cleaner after the break.

Before you begin, take heed; during installation, the application asks you permission for installing SweetIM toolbar. Uncheck the option and click Next if you don’t want to include the toolbar in the installation.

Setup - Free Disk Cleaner

Once installed, the application allows you to choose among all the connected hard disks for scanning. Once the scan is complete, the application lists the zero byte files, log files, temporary files and other junk files found on the selected hard drives. Select the required files for deletion and click Clean.

Gilisoft Free Disk Cleaner 3.1.png Clean

Clicking Filters under the Disk Cleaner tab lets you add and remove specific filters used while searching for junk files.


The Disk Analyzer tab allows you to separately analyze each hard drive volume and view the total number, size and percentage consumed in hard disk, of Compressed Files, Image Files, Documents, Audio Files, Video Files, Others and Rubbish Files.

Gilisoft Free Disk Cleaner Disk Analyzer

GiliSoft Free Disk Cleaner works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows. Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported.

Download GiliSoft Free Disk Cleaner

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