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Give Your Pictures Artistic Flair With Dydelf

Programs like Photoshop and Lightroom can do amazing things for you in terms of color corrections and adding artistic effects. But when it comes to beginners who are just looking to tweak their photos, its hard to find open, simple and easy to use software. Dydelf is a tool which will help you add artistic effects to your photos in just a few clicks. The techniques used by this application will allow you to perform digital processing on any image and transform it completely into an outlined graphic with an added artistic flair.

The software is half an MB in size. As soon as you open Dydelf, a clean and simple interface appears. Open an image file from the actions columns. Preview of the original image is available at all times while you’re doing processing to the image. Before we get into the core part of Dydelf, it is recommended by the developer to resize images if they are too big, because after posterizing, reducing image size can destroy the outline created by the image processor.



Actions contains all the key buttons from opening an image to finalizing your effect. Automate option lets you convert contents of an entire folder. Once clicked, file explorer will ask you to locate the source and destination of the folder. Processed images can only be saved as BMP files. Lastly ‘oPosterize’, starts to outline posterizing of loaded images.

Colors are always the basic step whenever applying effects. And it hugely impacts the file size as well, less colors, smaller file size; more colors larger file size. In Dydelf you have a range of regular 8 to 256 color selection bar.


Palette bar lets you select outline color and background color. To make color selection simply click on the color box. You can use pre-defined colors or define a color using the palette bar, which can be done by clicking define custom colors.


Checking no outline turns off edge detection for an image. No outline will be drawn around flat color areas. Checking solid background removes color areas from posterized image. Outline will be drawn on solid background. Isolated pixels can be removed by checking remove isolated pixels. Greyscale converts opened image into shades of gray. Anti-aliasing minimizes the distortion of different facts within the image.


A simple and straight forward tool to quickly posterize your images. The only drawback is it only saves in BMP format which take up more space than other formats. However, it is not much of a big deal since you can use ImageTuner or one of the many image converters we have reviewed before to change the format.

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