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Gizmo Toolbar Is Beautiful Docking App Launcher For Windows

Toolbars provide you with a quick and easy way to access applications and maintain shortcuts without cluttering up your desktop. Instead of going to the install location of each application, or save directory of a frequently accessed folder, using a customized toolbar, you can open them right from your desktop. Previously, we covered OldBar, Coolbarz and Stardock Tiles, all toolbar apps that allow you to manage shortcuts for frequently used applications. We found the interface of these toolbars a bit dull looking, so we discovered another toolbar launcher called Gizmo Toolbar. This app lets you enable multiple toolbars on your desktop in different styles and themes. It provides you with extensive options to customize the style, color, size, font, opacity, behavior, placement etc, of shortcuts. Adding shortcuts to the toolbar is just a matter of dragging them over the toolbar. Each toolbar can be accessed in multiple ways, such as hotkey, middle click, or the plain old mouse hover.

Gizmo toolbar is part of the Gizmo Central set of utilities. During installation, keep only Gizmo Central checked of you don’t want to install any other applications from the set.

Gizmo Director

Once installation is complete, open Gizmo Manager to setup the required toolbars. It lets you create and extensively edit toolbars according to your needs and preferences. You can configure Name, Description, toolbar Display Options, Item Display Options, Usability Options such as hot keys and behavior etc, from the Toolbar Setup of Gizmo Manager. Settings for each added toolbar will be displayed as a tab under Toolbar Setup. Drag applications and shortcuts over the New Item area to add them to the selected toolbar.

Gizmo Manager - [Toolbar Setup]

To setup a new toolbar, right click on the Toolbar Setup menu available on the left side and select New Toolbar to start the toolbar setup wizard. Select Use the Wizard and click Next to specify settings for a new toolbar.

Gizmo Toolbar Wizard

Select the desired Arrangement, Placement and Theme of the toolbar from their corresponding windows. You can choose Slab (Square) or Carousel (Circular) as Arrangement, Top, Down, Left, etc as Placement and Cardinal, Charcoal, Dawn, Lime etc as Themes of the toolbar.

Toolbar Wizard - Theme

From the Interaction window, select the access method of the new toolbar such as same as others, mouse hover, middle mouse button or hotkey.

Toolbar Wizard - Interaction

Then, enter a Name and Description of the toolbar, and click Finish to activate it. Here is a screenshot of two toolbars that we created as a test.

Gizmo Toolbar works on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download Gizmo Toolbar

[via freewaregenius]

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