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Glint – Fully Customizable System Activity Monitor Tool

Glint is a portable system activity monitor tool that keeps a check on your system and displays the result in a simple eye-candy floating window on the desktop. It can display upto 200 indicators, each showing data from a single system performance counter. Everything from CPU and RAM to Hard Disk Read/Write speed can be displayed with full customization.

glint monitor desktop

Before starting the application, it will display the hotkeys which you should become familiar with since the only controls are the keyboard hotkeys except few which can be done with mouse clicks. There are three User Interfaces, which can be accessed by clicking the hotkey O, G, and A, or from the context menu.

glint system monitor[17]

Right-click the application or system tray icon to bring up plenty of options. This application is intended for system administrators who want to get a clear picture of the health of the local system and systems over the network. To change the computer, hit Change Computer from the context menu.

Glint system tray

The Settings is where you will find most advanced customization option. Like we mentioned before, every aspect of the program is customizable. The system modules you want to keep check on can be found under Performance Counters selection tab.

Glint Monitor Settings

It is a standalone portable tool compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Glint Monitor

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