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GMail, RSS Feed, And Twitter Notifier

In June, we reviewed a brand new tool called up2date that was mainly targeted towards geeky users who would love to keep a watch on their GMail inbox, latest tweets, and favorite RSS feeds. While I gave version 1.1 a try, it was quite buggy and lagged sometimes.

Today the developer has released version 1.2 which fixes almost all bugs, improves the performance, has a whole new interface(gives a more MAC style look and feel), and adds some new features. Now you can not only read latest tweets, but can also post a new tweet.


You can also quickly access the accounts and other options from the system tray context menu.

up2date system tray icon

Note that you can add multiple GMail and Twitter accounts, it also supports multiple RSS feeds. If you want keep more privacy, you can password protect it(using the lock button). I was having hard time using this lock in previous version, the new version has this fixed too.

Download Up2Date

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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