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GOM Encoder Is All Purpose Video Converter From Creators Of GOM Player

We’ve covered some really good video conversion applications over the years, Miro converter and Freemake Video Converter, just to name a few. While the list of well performing video conversion programs can be exhaustive, GOM Encoder is relatively a new one in town. From the makers of the famous GOM Player, this application takes the prize in its extensive (and I mean it literally) preset support, with built-in, ready to be used settings for almost any device you can think of.

The overall outlook of the program is dark-toned with an orange blend, and gives it appearance similar to several Adobe AIR applications, although it has nothing to do with the AIR platform. It looks pleasing, and the interface is easy to understand and use. You get the input files’ pane on top, with boxes containing info about the input and output files below it. Underneath the Output info you can set a preset, and below that, the output file path. That is about as much as there is to the common user’s interaction with the application. Simple enough, right?

GOM ENcoder Main

You will be asked to choose a preset the first time you launch the application, but you can also do so by clicking the Preset button right below the Output Info pane. As you can see from the screenshot below, the preset list is quite huge, and supports a wide variety of devices, ranging from iPhone 4 to iPad, and Android devices to Sony’s digital player line – you name it.

GOM ENcoder

While all the presets come with optimal settings of their own, and have been carefully written to bring the best results, you can still modify a preset once you have selected it, and change various of its components like the video size, framerate, sound codecs, video codec used, image sharpness/brightness settings, subtitle fonts and placement, and many more.

GOM ENcoder Output

Overall, GOM Encoder is a great software with a lot to offer for the average user without confusing and hard to understand settings, yet not compromising on the features that it offers. However, it is a paid software that costs $34.95 for a personal license. The developers are making a risky bet here because there are too many free alternatives out there.

The software works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, while we tested it on Windows 7 32-bit system.

Download GOM Encoder


  1. It is NOT freeware – I installed and it is a paid program – it provides a free trial (with some limitations) for several months. I didn’t keep the program around long enough to find out what limitations there were (I just took their message at face value) as there are, as you noted, too many great free converters.

    • Just updated the post! I wonder how they will compete when there are too many free open source alternatives out there that do a better job.

    • It was my bad, actually – but I wonder how they get away with saying so plain on their website face that it’s a ‘FREE” download. Valid point, there are many free alternatives out there.

    • That’s been one of my pet peeves for *years*! Technically, _free download_ means that there’s no charge to download the product, even when there _is_ a charge to use it. Semantically, they are correct – there’s no charge for the download. In the vernacular, connotationally, they’re bald-faced liars.

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