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Growl 2 Released, Now Forward Notifications To iPhone, Email, Or Twitter

Growl 2 remained in beta for a long long time. For those who don’t know what Growl is, read the original review along with Snarl. Earlier today, it finally came out of beta and is available for download to the public. Version 2.0 brings a huge list of changes and new features, some are really really useful.

Among the new features introduced in version 2.0, I find image support in notification, keyboard shortcuts for closing notifications, automatic discovery of other Growl instances on network PC or Mac(bonjour support), and notification forwarding to iPhone, Email, and Twitter to be the most useful.

Growl 2

You will find the complete list of features on their homepage.

Download Growl 2

It is one perfect notification tool for Windows 7. It also works with previous versions of Windows, such as Vista and XP.

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