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Gwennel Is A WYSIWYG LaTeX Based Note Taking Application

Gwennel is a portable feature-rich note taking application which is based on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor pattern. The application is a small and light-weight editor which takes only 199KB of your disk, providing you with long list of features and options to keep tab on each note. The best part is that it is more like a full-fledged word processor that takes absolutely no time to open and has an ability to perform other processes instantly.

Unlike other note taking software, it comes with the navigation bar at the left flank to let user easily manage different elements of document which includes; Main content place holder, Bullets and Numbering, Paragraph, Images, Tables, etc. As it is necessary to have features and options handy, all the text editing tools are spread over the upper part of the window. The interface is quite spruced up and flexible in terms of resizing main elements.

Gwennel 0.7

Among the long list, the best feature is of applying Styles, which can be maintained separately. Creating and editing document is based on eminent LaTeX approach. Besides providing basic text editing tools and features, you can customize Indentation, Spacing, Border, Background, Alignment separately.


Likewise, All the images can also be managed under a separate window. Click Images from left side to view all the added images. It supports drag & drop behavior to let you quickly add as many images as required.

The application supports Open document file (ODT) and its native GWEN format. Considering the vast usage of note taking applications, it offers all the essentials of one complete utility. Keeping the mobility factor and small size in mind, the application is worth giving a try.

It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Gwennel

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