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Hands-On With Cubby For Web, Windows, Android & iOS [Review]

Cloud storage services provide a convenient way to back up important data from not just computers, but also smartphones and tablets. First came Box, then Microsoft’s Skydrive, then Dropbox and now, after the recent release of Google Drive, it looks like everyone is jumping onto the cloud computing bandwagon. Developed by LogMeIn, Cubby is yet another new cloud service, with support for multiple platforms, allowing you to sync data across your computers, tablets and smartphones. It provides real-time collaboration, through which you can share files with your friends, family and colleagues, and work collectively on special tasks. The service brings a somewhat unique concept of folders sharing, wherein you drag a folder over the desktop client and it is converted into a ‘cubby’, which is essentially a folder that is accessible from all configured computers and devices, and can be shared with other users as well.

Just like other major cloud services available in the market, this application is cross-platform, which means any file you throw into the cloud is accessible from your Mac, PC, smartphone, tablets and the web. Since the service is in private beta, you need to sign up for the service by specifying email address to get invited. The application asks you to create an account; you can do it from within the app by entering your email address and password followed by clicking create account.

Sign In

For the first time usage, it automatically creates your first cubby (sharing folder) namely My Cubby, however you can add as many cubbies as you want to the cloud.

Getting Started

Adding  cubbies is quite easy, you can either click add folder or simply drag folders over the application to sync them with the cloud.


Hovering the mouse pointer over the synced folder lets you synchronize the files, check the people with whom the folder is shared, generate public link for the folder or simply remove it from Cubby.


Once synced, you can access your content from Android or iOS device, Mac, PC or from its web interface.

Cubby Web

The Android application for Cubby also looks beautiful. Just log in to your account, and it will start listing down all synced cubbies. You can access any shared folder’s content and save it to local storage for offline access. It also provides a search feature, which lets you find cubbies and shared files in real time. Even though you cannot create new folders, it does let you access and upload new files to your existing cubbies.



The iOS variant of the app supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and provides the same functionality as its Android counterpart for accessing and adding files to folders.

All-in-all, Cubby does look promising with its efficient file sharing capabilities and minimalistic GUI. As of now, Cubby offers its users with 5 GB of free cloud storage space, but most likely, additional storage plans will be introduced soon. The application is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The Windows variant works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was done on Windows 7 64-bit, Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPad.

Download Cubby

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