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HeavyLoad: Check System Performance Under Heavy Stress

HeavyLoad is designed solely to test the system performance under heavy stress. It uses multiple methods to load the system’s main memory whilst  creating a heavy process file in Temp Folder. The multi-core technology manufacturers always pledge best system performance under heavy stress and load. This little application has an ability to the put the multi-core processors under tests to measure the stress handling capacity. The real usage can be observed on the file server machines, which are designed to streamline all the running processes even under extreme strain.

As it is meant to put the system under heavy test, you would just need to start the process by clicking the small button at the top-left of the window. In bottom pane, it shows the current CPU usage and Free Memory graph. When it starts straining the system by running multiple hefty threads, your system may bog down and start heating up (subjected to the system’s specification). In the status bar, you can read the CPU usage, Memory Available and current application’s status. The main interface will start filling up with colored squiggly lines as process follows.

heavy load1

Under center pane, you can see the Test runtime, you can stretch the test run to even an hour or more, depending upon the system condition. Note down the test run time to infer the overall performance under low resources and heavy load.

As the application mainly capitalizes on checking the system’s quality to withstand stresses, staunch pressures and overall performance under low resources, you can try it out on newly purchased servers and multi-cored home PCs to check their robustness.

It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was carried out on Windows 7 32-bit system

Download HeavyLoad

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